October 2018

This month has been rich with learning opportunities for me. I have had the chance to participate in committee meetings to see first hand how the communal life of this congregation is organized. I have had the opportunity to lead confirmation and preach. Thank you for all the support you have shown in this first month of internship, for the feedback you have provided, for the prayers you have offered.

The LEAD team has challenged us all to look at our own stories of faith. Scripture is full of people sharing their experiences of what God has done in their lives, and God is still active and moving in the world. Some of the stories seem grandiose, and others seem more subtle, but each storyteller was convinced that in their story, God was up to something. Who do they say that God is? They say God is present, and God is moving in our lives. As you reflect on your story, I invite you to reflect on what God has been doing. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and other times it seems more ordinary.

As I have heard and explored my call to ministry, I have heard and seen the stories and calls of so many people around me. Hearing those stories has shaped my faith and changed my own story. The earliest disciples of Jesus did not have training in public speaking; they didn’t go to seminary; they were mostly fishermen. But they were willing to tell their own stories, to answer Jesus’ question “who do you say that I am?” and to proclaim who they had seen Jesus to be to others. Our faith lives are shaped by the disciples’ stories, and they continue to be shaped by the people who share their stories of where they have seen God active.

So what “ordinary” things is God up to in our own lives? While some of us are better at poetry or arguments or art, we all have a story. Who does your story say that God is?