June/July 2019

It’s hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. This year has been such an incredible year and time for me to learn more about my calling to ordained ministry. It seems like such a short time ago that we began this journey together.

Throughout this year, I have had opportunities to try new things, to explore my own pastoral identity, and to live what it means to have my own pastoral identity with others in shared ministry. I have been able to sit in on all of the committee meetings of the church to understand the behind the scenes of church leadership. I have learned about another structure of church management that lifts up the skills of lay leaders. I have been encouraged to experiment with different styles of preaching and teaching, exploring the possibilities of each style and becoming more comfortable with the different options. I have had opportunities to try teaching in front of people and through printed instructions (and offering encouragement as the origami projects have been wonderful surprises and challenges). And now I am preparing for my final interview with my home synod as my seminary journey begins to give way to the next adventure.

Thank you all so much for making this a wonderful experience. I have grown so much through this year. I feel much more comfortable and confident in my ability to lead a congregation, and my sense of call to this ministry was affirmed over and over again. Thank you for being so encouraging and willing to try new things with me as we figured out this dance of internship together. Special thanks to Pastor Connie for all the work she has put in to being an amazing supervisor, for the weekly supervision meetings as we walked through what I have learned and what is coming, for the framework to explore what it means to be a pastor on a practical level. Special thanks also to the members of the internship committee who have been met monthly to support me and offer constructive criticisms, for their work with all the evaluations and continued encouragement. Thank you, people of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Iowa City, for being a part of my training to be a pastor. Thank you for being a blessing on this journey.