A Note from Pastor Connie

Greetings to the Holy People of God, 

It was the donut that caught my eye as I sat in the library at church. A picture of a chocolate frosted donut coupled with a book and I just have to investigate further. A new book? I better check it out. This led me to “The Donut Theory” by Linda Gillis. This is a book for Colleen, Kurt and me. It is a devotion book for the church office written by a church secretary. But you might enjoy it as well. And right next to is another book by the same author, “Humble Beginnings.”

As I flipped open the cover, again I was drawn into this book. I saw in handwriting, “Given in memory of Glen Gillis, the husband of my cousin, Linda…Glen died way too young in the Spring of 2016 of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Signed Valerie Buns, dated 12/2016.”

Valerie belongs with us. You may not know her. She is quiet and does a lot of behind the scenes work. I’ve had coffee with her and she has given me some hostas as she thinned her garden. You may have tasted one of her sweet rolls at the Easter breakfast or received a kind note from her on behalf of Christ the King. Like I said, she works behind the scenes.

Now new connections have been made, personal connections. This author, Linda is a cousin of Valerie and when I read these devotions I think of both of them. Linda ends the forward of her book with these words, “Should you find some of the stories…a bit corny –it is something you might expect from an author who grew up on a farm in Iowa.” And there is another connection.

Think about what captures your attention and who are the people that influence you especially in regard to our faith in Jesus. Who are the people that help you to trust God? What captures your attention and draws you closer to God and your neighbor? What makes you hungry and thirsty for God? What helps you to see God’s activity in your immediate context?

The Holy Spirit knows what will get our attention. I’m not proud, food usually captures my attention. God speaks to us in these common things – water, bread, wine, words and captures our attention and our hearts. Where would we be without these things? In a world of hurt. God loves us and comes to us in the very things we need to survive. God loves you and comes to you in the very environment in which you live.

Are you paying attention? Think about that, paying attention means that you give it some thought, some time, you look for it and it will cost you. Thinking about God and looking for God will cost you time and attention away from yourself which is well worth it. It may cost you some repentance – to think again about God and how God is revealed in our lives.

A star captured the attention of the wise men and they followed it so that they could worship a king, our King, Jesus. We too have a star to follow and he captures our attention and we respond with an eagerness to be in his presence and worship him.

Believing It Boldly Loving Everyday,
Pastor Connie Spitzack