A Note from Pastor Connie

At our annual meeting in January, we will vote to adopt our new mission and vision statement. Thank you to Kevin Heckman and our Long Range Planning Committee for their work in this effort. The mission and vision statement will be the tool we use as we move forward in our mission as disciples of Christ sharing the gospel and serving those in need. Our Evangelism Committee is already focusing on ways to help the congregation share the gospel and our Mission and Justice Committee continues to look for opportunities to reach out and partner with others as they have just begun the school back pack program with Horn and Borlaug Elementary Schools. We are also thinking about expanding our community garden. And we continue to work toward a full-time director of Youth and Family Ministry. Thank you to all who have stepped up with pledging or continued contributions to this effort. At the annual meeting, we will report on how we are moving toward this goal.

With this momentum, I along with the council think that we are ready for a process that helps us to keep focused on our mission, especially as we serve and reach out to our community; we also want people to know the God who loves us so deeply and faithfully. We have filed an application to become “A LEAD Congregation”, which is a process offered through the Southeastern Iowa Synod in partnership with LEAD, a non-profit organizations that is committed to growing Christian leaders with the hope of deeper discipleship and a greater passion for sharing the Gospel in a changing world.

As a LEAD (Living Everyday As Disciples) Congregation we can expect:

Congregational Coaching:

  • LEAD Congregational Assessment
  • Coaching for the LEAD Team in our congregation using one or more of LEAD’S processes within LEAD’s four growth indicators for vital continued behavioral change
  • Individual Coaching

Strategic Learning Seminars:

  • Congregations working together toward making technical and adaptive change:Listening through the Tune In Process that strengthens the our relationship with the neighborhood, following God in mission.
  • Centering through the Wake up Process that clarifies our purpose, core values, and strategic goals while working towards alignment.
  • Exploring through the Dig Down Process that sharpens theological lens, governance and staffing, as well as generosity.
  • Connecting through the Work Out Process focusing on best practices in faith formation, hospitality and relationships with integrity.

The commitment and investment includes time, energy, prayer, listening, intentional planning, and financial contribution. As well as an investment in new behaviors that will open us up to God’s mission in our neighborhood and in the world with the support of a learning cohort of congregations, a trained coach, the Office of the Bishop and the best LEAD has to offer us. We will learn together what it means to lead God’s church in this changing world. This is an 18-month process of intentional time of learning.

I look forward to walking with you in this next step in our journey together. As we have been studying the book of Genesis in the Adult Forum, Abraham was chosen by God, simply because of a willingness to go. So we take a step of faith and go and we go with God.