It Is Good News.

Greetings to God’s Kingdom Workers,

We have good news to announce in this month where we celebrate the advent, the coming of Jesus and marking his arrival at Christmas. Our world needs to hear the witness of our faith – each and every one of us. We need to hear the witness of our faith in our own community. As we pull out our Advent wreath and candles, manger scenes and familiar Christmas carols and listen to the witness of John the Baptist and Mary, we get ready to join with them in announcing Jesus’ entrance into this world. It is good news.

Let’s take our cue from the toddler who eagerly joins in unwrapping the manger with all its characters, including the baby Jesus. The toddler understands that Jesus has come into his life and sees him from the perspective of how he travels this world – in a car seat. Could we too, be a witness that shares with the world how we see Jesus coming right into the very heart of our lives, including our means of transportation?

And when we find ourselves hesitant, like a scientist making a scientific announcement who wants to be so sure that what has been discovered is true and accurate, exploring all possibilities, we too continue to explore all the possibilities daring to ask the questions, wondering and entering into the conversations that will help us to step out in faith, sharing our discoveries of how God has come to us and continues to come and be with us.

We announce the coming of Jesus into our world and into our lives. It is good news. We speak it and sing it and can’t help but join in the unwrapping and revealing of Emmanuel, God with us. Trust that the Holy Spirit is with us as we help others to see and understand the discovery that yes, God is very, very close to us and loves us.

Believing It Boldly Loving Expansively,

Pastor Connie Spitzack