A Note from Pastor Connie

Greetings Holy People of God

There is much in store for us in the coming year. We will begin the LEAD process with Mary Knudson-Dion, Susan Surom, Matt Orvick, Chris Rothfuss and me forming the LEAD team. Hold us in prayer that we may be faithful servants in this process and communicate with you as we seek to participate in the kingdom work God has called us to.

In October the council met with Rev. Erika Uthe, Assistant to the Bishop to discuss our enrollment in the LEAD process offered through the synod in partnership with Way to Lead which is a nonprofit organization that grew out of the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod as a means to help congregations. LEAD is all about empowering Christian leaders, transforming faith communities that influence the world. Their mission is to grow leaders with deep, bold, consequential faith in Jesus Christ. We will join with the following churches from our synod:

Elvira Zion (Clinton) 
Faith (Eldridge)
Gloria Dei (Cedar Rapids) 
Grace (Davenport)
St. Paul (St. Center) 
St. Stephen (Urbandale)

I know there is much work ahead of us but I am excited to begin this process.

And soon a committee will be formed to begin the process of hiring a Director of Youth and Family Ministry for Christ the King. We have so much to give thanks to God for and so much to keep praying for.

I offer you this pray to begin with as we move forward with seeking a director of youth and family ministry.

Almighty God, you alone are the great Shepherd of the sheep, and we turn to you to lead and guide us in all things. Our trust and our hope is in you.

You are the way, the truth, and the life.

As you have raised up faithful servants of your church to tend your flock in every time and place, open our hearts to consider new possibilities for youth and family ministry in this community of faith.

May we be open to your grace.

Inspire us to be a people of insight, recognizing our own unique gifts and talents, yet seeking a director of youth and family ministry who will complement who we already are with a vision of what we are to become.

May we be open to your wisdom.

Give us a holy patience in this time of our seeking, a patience that trusts in you for our present care, knowing that you will bring our good work to fulfillment in your time.

Lead us and guide us, gracious God.

Keep us faithful in mission, regular in worship, responsive in stewardship, mindful of the needy, and diligent in prayer.

Lead us and guide us, gracious God.

Fill us all with your Holy Spirit and magnify our gifts of discernment, that we might follow your will and leading into a future yet unknown.

Lead us and guide us, gracious God.

Bless the work and ministry of the Council and future Search committee. Give us the gifts we need to seek and find this leader of your own nurturing, that we might grow in faith and love and ministry.

Lead us and guide us, gracious God.

All these things we ask, O God, with whatever else we need, in the name of him who is the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Believing It Boldly Loving Everyday,
Pastor Connie Spitzack